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One of the first step , in case you want to have any presence in today’s digital world. You can start it from here

1&1 Web Hosting

The most important aspect while going for your web hosting is to understand your requirements . First of all ask your self few questions.

  • Am i using it for myself or for my company
  • Which platform i am going to use (Window / Linux)
  • Do i need to run more than one web site
  • How much space do i need
  • How many email id i will use.

After getting the answer of first few question  , you will understand what you need . If you are an individual you are not needed to go for dedicated server or for that matter Virtual Private Server .

You just need to have SDH (Single domain hosting)  or MDH (Multiple domain hosting) .

Second question you need to ask yourself , about the platform to be used . I like Linux because it is cheaper and it supports most of the open source . But if you are more familiar with Microsoft technology  . Then you can opt for Windows platform.

You can understand the difference between Open source like Linux v/s Microsoft and Apple with this short video

Once you have decided your hosting platform . Then you will have to select your hosting provider . I recommend

1&1 Windows Web Hosting for various reasons but you can think of

interserver.net as well. Once completing all these rough work . now you will have to put on your thinking cap .

Now you will have to decide the domain name .

If you already have one , it’s great but if you don’t have in that case you will have to think of a good name as per your needs . You can book domain name from the same hosting provider or from different hosting provider. But you will have to remember that the name server of your domain must point to your hosting panel

Great , now with all these steps you have completed your Hosting part . Now upload the pages developed by your designer and enjoy.

If you need any further clarification , please contact me on

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