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If you are really serious about earning money online in this case payoneer  is something you must be aware of . This is one thing which will open many doors of earning  online . The best thing about payoneer is that it allows you to do business in multiple ways in multiple countries .

First and foremost one must understand what role payoneer plays for a person who is looking for a second line of income .

The most important role of payoneer is that it allows one to receive payments from almost from all countries and virtually from all important currencies.

If you want to start selling something globally on Amazon  than payoneer is technically a must . It provides you the virtual bank details of a country where you want to do business . It means that technically you have a bank account in that country .

How to open payoneer account 

Opening a payoneer account is not a very difficult task . You can open paoyneer account just by clicking here 

One you will visit the website you will be presented a very user friendly screen asking basic questions . Like whether you want to open this account as an individual or for an organisation . You need to select this option depending upon your requirements. Once done you need to furnish all the details about you or your company . You will have to mention the correct details about you like PAN number in India and SSN number in USA .

Once done , you will be asked to link your bank account that will be used to receive the payments from your virtual banks provided by payoneer . Make sure that you mention only operational bank details with utmost care .   After that within 24 to 48 hours your account should be live.

Once it is operational it should look like this.

as you can see that I have bank account details of  almost all important counties . Now anyone can send me money as if I have my own local account in that country .

The best thing about payoneer is that one can use these bank account details on various platforms which require bank details of local country like Amazon and PTC site like clixsense .

One can connect payoneer account over here to receive funds

This is not only that one can receive payments from freelancing site like elance.com and upwork.com as well.

So , anyone who is interested to start earning money online payonner should be considers as the first step towards the same.

The concept of payoneer is totally different from the concept of paypal. Which is totally focused on transferring money from one country yo another .



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